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Below is an extract of the letter we received from Zion City Foundation at the end of the project from Mrs Achaan Bi Bonne current project coordinator.

DR. George,

                         Indeed we are more than happy to present the machine right at the center to the Bongabi family.UK.It was received by the children and barely three days latter they started using the machine as you can see in the pictures .Really you needed to see the degree of joy some were shouting others jumping, and some rolling on the grass and some even crying all signs of relief from the laborious activity that these nuts used to give them.

 As for their daily activity pictures that you requested we took pictures of them going to school and some caring water .I still cannot say why I cannot retrieve them from my camera. In any case I promise to go home this month end and get the pictures again.

 Meanwhile I will like to suggest that the group should begin to think of a nursery and a primary school project for the children. Reasons for this choice being that as small as some of these children are they trek at least 8km daily to attend the nearest government primary school. It is quite a tedious activity for beginners. Most often they will start school and stop again  because the rate of emaciation is too much. Some even fall sick. Last and not the least is that the road that used to be so muddy is now tarred and a  heavy duty road the Trans African road that is linking Cameroon to Nigeria .We fear the risk of them having  accidents on the way to school.

Since we have enough land, I believe the school project is an immediate need. For this, If there is any requirement just let us know in advance.

May the Lord graciously bless the Bongabi Gic UK in Jesus name.

Thanks to your generosity; Project Oil Mill was executed and completed as intended. The Orphanage is now generating extra income from the sale of palm oil. The Orphans feel empowered and productive as they are the ones operating the machine.

We can give them more life chances if we help build the poultry farm. Project Poultry is an £8000.00 project, aim to generate at least £5000.00 annual after completion from the sale of eggs,Chickens, and manure.

Proceeds will be used to run the orphanage, train orphans to University education and to provide material support to orphans who want to replicate project activities in the future.


Right Gallery of Project Oil Mill and Poultry

Protecting Children in Nepal

That’s not all, we won’t stop not will while you generously support our projects.

Over I million children are in danger, please donate to our Nepal earthquake appeal.

We have already raised £150.00 (see image on your right), we can support unicef with even more donating today.

A donation of £55 is enough to provide emergency water kits to 5 families in Nepal.

It’s been three months since the first of two devastating earthquake shook Nepal. The second major quake struck on 12 May, leaving a total of 8,219 people dead and over 18,000 people injured. As a result, more than one in six children in the country are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

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Donate using PayPal. PayPal is Easy, Fast,Safe and Secure. Other ways you can support us.

We collect unwanted clothing, shoes and hand bags. The unwanted items are exchanged for money through Rag Bags.

Some teachers in mainstream schools are already volunteering to collect unwanted clothing in their schools and exchange for money to support some of our projects. Do you feel you want to be part of our volunteering team?

Contact us or call 07868608333

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Kids’ Away Day

This Programme aims at taking the kids out on a picnic, and it offers them the opportunity to engage in different interesting activities amongst other things which constitute their overall welfare.  

As can be seen from the gallery, this year’s Kids away day took place on 08th August 2015 at Bradgate Park in Leicester. In addition to the fun games the Kids also enjoyed walking around the beautiful park area, which helps to promote and maintain their healthy life style. They were equally very excited to watch live dears.

The oil mill project was completed in early 2012, thanks to the funds raised during the Bongabi C.I.G UK uniform launch and fund raising event in the summer of 2011.

As you can see in the video on the left of screen, the orphans are very excited, now there are able to produce palm oil in a very short amount of time from their palm nut farm and sell to the lo locals to generate extra income to run the orphanage. You can give these orphans better life chances by donating to PROJECT POULTRY

The Oil Mill Project

Kids’ Away Day Photo Gallery